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May 9, 2015
Loan modification denial? Here are your next best moves!
The term “loan modification” has become a household word over the last 8 years.  Spurred by the financial crisis and housing meltdown, the era of modifying mortgage loans has lingered on at a very high rate.  This particular era is something that nobody wants to deal with….the banks, homeowners, government & taxpayers all wish to […]

March 25, 2015
Make no mistake about it, the level of abuse on home owners has hit new highs when it comes to loan modifications.  Distorted account balances, padded escrow accounts, unnecessary balloon payments, missing amortization schedules, false or no truth in lending statements, phony trial plan offers and incorrect math calculations run wild within the industry.  These […]

January 15, 2015
It is hard to fathom how fast the non-bank mortgage service sector has grown, and how profitable it has become.  It is a business that essentially grew from nothing, based on defaulted mortgages and the financial crisis.  Essentially it has grown from the garbage….and the garbage man is making a fortune.  Firms such as Ocwen, […]

November 23, 2014
Battling Ocwen, NationStar and non-bank mortgage servicers
The non-bank mortgage service industry is in the line of fire right now.  It is under pressure, politically charged, but also a huge money machine.  Regulating the industry is on the forefront of many Government Agencies.  However, the topic of regulation is both complex and controversial.  Ultimately, regulation of the industry crosses the lines of […]

The mortgage and foreclosure crisis that stunned our economy in 2007, has yet to resolve itself.  Actually, the worst is yet to come.  The statement “worst” does relate to the volume of foreclosures…it really relates the intensity of the process.  The recent 2 year price spike in housing values, has pushed banks towards favoring repossessing […]

August 22, 2014
Why HAMP needs to be dissolved immediately!
In the dead of Winter of 2009, our country was in the midst of the worst mortgage / financial crisis since the Great Depression.  Newly appointed President Obama launched a pilot program ~ Home Affordable Modification Program ~ HAMP for short.  This program was set in motion to save 8 million home owners.  The Federal […]

April 14, 2014
Are you in foreclosure limbo?
Are you in foreclosure limbo? This recent article in the New York Post ~ ~ really hits the mark when it comes the new foreclosure limbo crisis looming.  Though the crisis explains the problem at hand, it does not explain the destructive elements tied into foreclosure limbo.  Banks and Federal Government have trained the […]

March 18, 2014
Do you have what it takes to battle through the loan modification process?
After reviewing a recent article from fellow financial blogger –, I felt the need to dive deeper into real issues that need to be discussed.  Don’t get me wrong, I totally respect Mandelman and think his articles are great.  However, this on does not address the most important question ~ Do you have what […]

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Success Stories

The PDFs below are actual case files that we have completed for our clients.

PDF Document

Client was 38 months past due. Rate reduced from 5.25% to 2.00%, payment reduced from $2017.24 to $1306.80.  Principal reduced by $146,787.13.

PDF Document

Rate reduced from 9.2% to 1.11%!! Payment reduced from $545.00 to $143.25.

PDF Document

Modification after Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge Payment reduced from $1486.19 to $1185.85

PDF Document

Payment reduced from $3053.68 to $494.13

PDF Document

90% DISCOUNT! Debt settled from $107,000 to $11,000 .  10% net settlement ~ 90% discount!

PDF Document

Payment reduced from $1040 to $883.83 even though client had two previous modifications

PDF Document

Rate reduced from 6% to 4.25% Partial waiver on past due payments

PDF Document

60 Months Delinquent Rate reduced to 2%, foreclosure sale date halted twice

PDF Document

Payment reduced from $345.99 to $266.50

PDF Document

Modification after Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Payment reduced from  $1165 to $850.58

PDF Document

DEBT SETTLEMENT Original balance was $51,000.00
Settled for $10,500!

PDF Document

DEBT SETTLEMENT Original balance was $27,691.00. Settled for $7500!

PDF Document

LOAN MODIFICATION AFTER CHAPTER 7 BANKRUPTCY Homeowner filed Chapter 7 on 8/25/10 and discharged all of her mortgage debts. Regular payments were $4529 on a loan amount of almost $650,000 originally with Aurora Loan Servicing. This borrower had no success on her own attempting to complete a loan modification with two previous law firms. Homeowner was almost 3 years behind on payments and required contribution income and multiple banking regulatory complaints to be filed for completion. Her new payment is $2764.42 at a 2% rate for the first 5 years of the loan. The rate will go up 1% each year thereafter and cap at a 4.7% for duration of the loan, with an incentive of a principal reduction if payments are paid on time.

PDF Document

OLD PAYMENT = $3,270; NEW PAYMENT = $2,081 Client came to our office after working with a law firm for over five months with an option arm mortgage with Wells Fargo. Client was over 12 months past due and self employed. Client owed more on home than it was worth with a payment of $3,270 that was modified to a fixed payment amount of $2,081 by Wells Fargo based on 31% of client’s gross income.

PDF Document

OLD PAYMENT = $2,363; NEW PAYMENT = $1,697 *INCLUDES ESCROW PLUS $90K PRINCIPAL REDUCTION Client came to our office with a breached modification with Bank of America. Client was over thirty-nine months past due and self employed. Client had received a loan modification through First Franklin before loan was sold to Bank of America where the modification did not transfer with the loan. The loan was ultimately modified to a fixed payment amount of $1,697 from $2,363 to include a $89,896 principal reduction in Bank of America’s permanent loan modification.

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